Wild Connections

Pat Darlington and Dan Nicholls worked for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service as Education Officers manageing the Kosciuszko Education Centre.
Pat and Dan design many of the programs and displays at the education centre. But according to Pat and Dan the best part of the job was helping school children understand the importance of the natural environment while they are in the bush setting.
It was through working with students from diverse backgrounds that Pat and Dan realised that many people do not have a good knowledge of Australian wildlife. They decided that a game might be a fun way for people to learn a little more about Australia's unique wildlife so they developed a game which does not rely on prior knowledge to win. It combines luck with strategy and is suitable for all ages.
The artists. Doug Holgate, Hilda Bryzenski, Michael Shea and Sonya Naumov are all graduates of the University of Newcastle, School of Wildlife Illustration.