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Q: Does it matter if the discard pile disappears?

A: No. Simply play on without a discard pile until one player, who cannot add any animal cards to his/her nature reserve must discard, recreating the discard pile.

Q: If I choose my first management strategy when I have 8 points in my reserve and then I lose some points to another threat so the total in my reserve is less than 8. Can I choose a second management when I get more than 8 points a second time?

A: No. Choose your first management strategy when you have a total of 8 points in your nature reserve. You cannot choose another management strategy until you have a total of 16 points in your nature reserve. If you did lose points so you have less than 16 points in subsequent play you do not surrender that strategy but you can not choose a third management strategy until you have 24 points in your nature reserve.

Q: If the last animal cards I put down ends the round but also give me enough points to choose another management strategy, can I choose that strategy before any threat cards being held by other players are played.

A: Yes.


From the rules;

Step 2 - PLACE OR DISCARD Either place animal card(s) into your nature reserve or discard.

This rule means that at no time can you place an animal into your nature reserve and discard an animal card in the same turn.

Placing a card into your nature reserve and discarding their last animal card onto the discard pile to end a game breaks this rule.

This move could only be done if you are playing level 2 rules and the last card put down was a threat card not an animal card.

Playing threats

In response to questions from some players about playing threats we remind players that threats only have an impact on the unprotected animals on the table in the turn they are played. They have no impact on play for the rest of that hand.

Threats and Add-On Habitats

You do not surrender a your Management Strategy cards when the corresponding Threat card is played. This is important because when you are playing with Add-On habitats, some double up on threats that are in the standard game. In this case the one Management Strategy card will protect you from both Threat cards if you acquire Management Strategy card before either Threat card is played.

Good playing , any problems or questions please get in touch with us: 4games@wildconnect.com.au.

cheers Pat & Dan

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