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benefits of Australian Menagerie

One of the surprising and rewarding aspects about making Australian Menagerie has been the unexpected use the game is being put to. It is being used to help teach English in Vietnam, help with language and learning difficulties and the game has been brailled for blind players. We are also aware that some schools have purchased sets of the game for classroom use and we would greatly appreciate any feedback on the uses and success of the game in schools.

extra game info

10 good reasons why people buy Australian Menagerie™:

1. It is a fun, educational game

2. It comes in a small, light, attractive and easily transported package

3. It is a competitive game of chance and strategy (but players are not disadvantaged if they do not have prior knowledge of Australian wildlife)

4. It has 3 levels of play making it suitable for young children, teenagers and adults

5. It is a great gift for family and friends overseas

6. The ADD-ON Habitats create interest allowing you to play with different animals and habitats

7. It is versatile - you can play with 3 habitats and 11 animals, or if you use 5 ADD-ON Habitats, you can play with 8 habitats and 31 animals

8. It is a great souvenir to remind you of that special holiday or place

9. It is Australian designed

10. It is good value for money and the price is affordable

Scoring Australian Menagerie™ games:

To help you score your game:

  • you can print out the score page from the web site; or
  • you can down load your score sheet (PDF format).


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