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"One of the surprising and rewarding aspects about making Australian Menagerie has been the unexpected use the game is being put to. It is being used to help teach English in Vietnam, help with language and learning difficulties and the game has been brailled for blind players. We are also aware that some schools have purchased sets of the game for classroom use and we would greatly appreciate any feedback on the uses and success of the game in schools. Have a look at where Menagerie™ is being played."

Dan, 4 March 2001

"Here are a few pictures drawn by keen Menagerie player Amanda d’Alpuget. Amanda also showed us some great questions she made up using the information on the Menagerie playing cards."

Thanks Pat & Dan

"I am 15 years old and I think your game is the best game in the world. Menagerie is a lot better the Monopoly or Uno. We are going to order all of the add-on packs for our family. I like how you put different facts on the bottom of each card. Many thanks for the game."


"I thought the game was great. I met you at the Kosciuszko Education Centre where Dad purchased the game. We took it up on a short holiday to Lake Tinaroo with some friends. They really enjoyed the game."

Bryce Hutchison, age 9

"I recently visited Kosciuszko National Park and I went in the area where there was all types of expermints which I loved. There was also a Menagerie game on display and me and my mum played. I loved it, so did my mum. But she would not buy it. I thought about how I really loved the game and was upset my mum wouldn't buy it so I bought it with my own money which I usually hate to do. I was afraid I would regret it but now I know I never will. When I first took out the game and explained the rules my brother Patrick (7) said "thats boring". My mum quickly reassured him and told him it was very good. Well at the end of a few rounds my brother was begging to play again. I think the game is absolutely fantastic and so do my brother and mother. I thank the creators of the game whom I met and also the artists who did a wonderful job and anyone else who participated."


"I bought Menagerie for use at school but I can't wrestle it away from my own children who have become obsessed with playing it! It is a great product but extra habitat cards would be useful for using with a class. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing future products of this kind."

Naomi, Blue Mountains, NSW

"Even though I don't win I still like playing the game." - Najwa

"I like playing with threat cards best." - Rakaan

Najwa, aged 6 and Rakaan, aged 8

"We met you at the education centre in Kosciuszko National Park. We bought Menagerie cause we really liked it so we bought all the add-ons. We think it's great."

From Alasdair and Cameron

"Just thought I'd write and say thanks for one of the best games on the market. My 7yr old twins were given the basic game for Christmas and since then we have added each of the add-ons and are looking foward to more. We have enjoyed checking the links from the web site and will keep checking to see what's new. "


"We bought the game today at the Sydney Aquarium and are looking forward to playing it as a family. I was thrilled to see an Australian game. There is not enough of anything with an Australian aspect in this world. Everything is too English or American. Thank you."

A. Mazzella, Sydney

"We are the family in England who got very hooked on your excellent Menagerie game, so that my mother had to badger you for the Add-On Habitats. They arrived on Saturday and we have been playing the game every evening since, with great pleasure. We would like to thank you for your very entertaining and intelligent product. My son, Michael, who is five, is a huge fan and loves the game, He thinks his favourite animal at the moment is the mountain grasshopper, but he also loves the Tasmanian animals. "

Dianne, England

"My name is Bryony and I am nearly five years old. Your game is good because I like the animals and my whole family likes playing the game, but not my little brother because he is only one year old."

Bryony, 5 years old

"My name is Matthew Bushe and I am a university student in Canberra studying to become a Primary School teacher. I recently played this new game, and was extremely excited as it is so suitable for a classroom. Australian Menagerie would be perfect in accompanying any geography or social science curriculum. I intend on having a number of copies in my classroom when I begin teaching. It is absolutely fantastic to see a game that Australians can enjoy and from which they may also learn. Knowledge obtained through the use of this game is vital for all that live in this awe-inspiring country."


"The game was great as it showed what Australian animals lived in what area and what their predators were."

Beth & Sam, Jindabyne (13 & 15 years old)

"The game was fantastic, as it showed where all these creatures live and what is dangerous to them. I got to meet one of the inventors of this great game and it was so exciting."

Michelle, Brisbane (13 years old)

"Dear talented creators of this wonderful game I wanted to write to you to let you know how much I have enjoyed playing your game. A friend brought a copy with her when she visited me one weekend, and it started raining so we decided to play it. And I'm so glad that we did, it really was quite a lot of fun, and I really love the artworks and the information revealed about each of the animals. I can't wait to see Menagerie extended to include evn more diverse habitats. Well done!"

Sonja, student

"It was fun ,challenging and a good learning experience."

Kathleen, Brisbane (15 years old)

"Thank you for the first order supply of your new game. I have now played the game and was very impressed with the concept and quality of the product. Not to mention I enjoyed playing the game immensely! Due to the popularity of the game with staff at our centre, I will have to put in another order immediately as we have sold most of the first shipment to staff!"

LB, Business Manager, a Tasmanian National Park shop

"Finally an Australian game ... Made in Australia. I cannot tell you how delighted I was to see this game ... Whan I saw the Mallee fowl as well, well I could have died. You have hit the mark with a game that my intellectual husband likes playing - and my not-so-intellectual mother loves (she beat him twice!)"

Meryl, Victoria

"On behalf of the family, thanks for the game. I have waited to respond until it has been thoroughly road tested by various family and friends - it passed with flying colours of course!"

Mark, Canberra

"Your Menagerie game was a winner with my grand daughter in England. I am getting two more to send over for her to give to her friends."

Chris, Sydney

" Thanks for a new game. We played with our basic set last night. I am looking forward to the Add-ON Habitats. Please thank the artists on my behalf, for their efforts. The effect is authentic."

Ruth, Melbourne

" Makes you learn where different animals live and what kind of threats can kill them."

Tim, 13 years old

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