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benefits of Australian Menagerie

One of the surprising and rewarding aspects about making Australian Menagerie has been the unexpected use the game is being put to. It is being used to help teach English in Vietnam, help with language and learning difficulties and the game has been brailled for blind players. We are also aware that some schools have purchased sets of the game for classroom use and we would greatly appreciate any feedback on the uses and success of the game in schools.


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Busselton-Dunsborough Mail, Wednesday 4 Oct 2000, p.9

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Thursday 5 Oct 2000, p.9

Blue Mountains Gazette

Blue Mountains Gazette, 26 July 2000, p. 49

"Thankyou for the first order supply of your new game. I have now played the game and was very impressed with the concept and quality of the product. Not to mention I enjoyed playing the game immensely! Due to the popularity of the game with staff at our centre, I will have to put in another order immediately as we have sold most of the first shipment to staff!"

LB, Business Manager, a Tasmanian National Park shop


Australian Family Circle
Australian Family Circle, June 2000, p.12

Canberra Times

Canberra Times, 22 May 2000, p.11

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